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  • There are two mounts of mars located halfway up on the opposite side of the palm. As Mars is the god of war, both the mounts are fighters, and have the courage and will to fight.
  • The two mounts indicate two types of fighters, one who battles openly, and one who fights covertly, unseen. They are called the active lower mount and the passive upper mount.
  • The presence of these mars mounts indicate's that whatever comes one's way there will always be a fighting spirit present. 

                                     THE ACTIVE LOWER MARS MOUNT 
  • This Mars mount is situated beneath the mount of jupiter under the life line. This active lower mount is also known as the positive mount of mars. It can be seen as a small fleshy pad just above the mount of venus. 



The passive upper mount of mars

                                THE PERFECT ACTIVE LOWER MARS MOUNT 

  • This perfect mount should be medium sized. It represents self-control, courage and stamina. 

                                   THE PASSIVE UPPER MARS MOUNT       
  •  This mount is located on the opposite side of the palm immidiately above the mount of moon,usually between the head and the heart lines, veering towards the outside of the palm.
  • If this mount is present,its best not to take liberties while dealing with this person. This mount is the quieter of the two and shows a slower reaction to provocation.



The active lower mount of mars                                THE PERFECT PASSIVE UPPER MOUNT OF MARS        

  • A perfect mount of this kind is medium in size. This shows that the person is able to whitstand a lot of hit's before they engage into action. This mars mount also shows diplomacy, self-control and moral courage as qualities in a person.



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