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Marriage lines, palmistry

  • Marriage lines in palmistry are actually known as the lines of union. They indicate the potential for an important relationship in  a persons life, and the age at which it will occur. It is not necessary that the line may lead to marriage, but it can be said that a relationship will make a profound impression on the person at that time. 










  • The lines of union are located on the side of the palm and are always above the beginning of the heart line, moving on to the mount of mercury
  • In marriage lines, palmistry, the length of the line, determines the length of the relationship. Also these union lines mainly point to a relationship which may or may not be physical.
  • Any forks, splits or markings on the marriage lines should also be considered. The ideal marriage lines in palmistry are long, straight and free of breaks. The deeper the line, the stronger the union.
  • If the marriage line dips at the end, then this indicates that the quality of the relationship has tapered off. The timing of marriage lines in palmistry is always read left to right.
  • A fork at the end could indicate a split or divorce. It can also happen that the partners could continue living in the same house, but pursue their  lives in seperate ways.


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